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Krysta Stopped My Foreclosure

The stress and fear involved when facing foreclosure is, simply put: paralyzing.  I am a regimented businessman with a keen eye for details and the power to take action. If someone would’ve told me a couple of years back that I would be in this situation I probably would’ve laughed in their face. There I was literally hours away from seeing my home of 20 years get auctioned from under my feet. 

Just as it seemed all options were off the table, Krysta literally swooped in like a superhero and miraculously stopped the trustee sale, scheduled for the next morning. Not only that, she was able to convince my lender to listen and hear the severity of my situation, and in doing so Krysta was able to get me more time to work on options to save my home and jumpstart my life.

Fear and stress was holding me hostage, I was trapped with no way to see any relief on the horizon. I am very grateful to Krysta and her team for being able to see the things that I could not, to convince my bank to listen when I could not. Somethings are definitely best left to the professionals… This was one of those things! Thank you very much for your assistance. 

- ~Mr. Ross, Oakland, CA

2 houses sold and 1 bought

I needed to sell 2 houses, one in San Jose and one in Hayward. My husband and I were in the market for a new house in Castro Valley. Krysta referred me to her partner, a real estate agent of 20 years in Bay Area. He was able to find us a new home within 4 days, that we loved. While in a bidding war, he got our offer accepted! He also sold our Hayward house for the highest price of any other condo in the entire complex! I highly recommend Krysta and her team to help you with any real estate concerns. Krysta offered to help stage my house and met the photographers there when I was unable to. She was such a blessing. Chakra Home Buyers buys homes directly but if you tell them your story, they will find a way to help you in any situation. You won’t be sorry you did! We love our Castro Valley house, it will be our forever home, with a view- we call our slice of heaven. We are very very happy!

- ~Chris & Nina Merlin, Castro Valley, CA

I needed to move fast

I needed to move out of the state quickly for a job and Krysta gave me an offer on my house. She called me back the same day I filled out the form. I had a few offers before hers and her offer was the best out of all of them. The thing that made her stand out was her sweet nature, she even paid for a packing company to help me and I was able to leave everything I didn’t want behind. Krysta and her team made it a lot easier for me to move quickly, by taking care of the time consuming things that go along with moving and closing on the house in 10 business days.

- ~M. Evans, San Jose, CA

Krysta went above and beyond

Working with Krysta has been a godsend. She has the best attitude and always has a Plan A, B or C solution up her sleeve. She put in a lot of work to make sure we were happy with the outcome on which we were working towards. I don’t know what I would have done without her by my side through this process. Krysta went above and beyond for me and my sister. She cares about the details and listened when I needed it the most.

- ~C. Jaks, Daly City, CA
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