How We Buy Houses

How we buy houses, step by step



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I needed to move fast

I needed to move out of the state quickly for a job and Krysta gave me an offer on my house. She called me back the same day I filled out the form. I had a few offers before hers and her offer was the best out of all of them. The thing that made her stand out was her sweet nature, she even paid for a packing company to help me and I was able to leave everything I didn’t want behind. Krysta and her team made it a lot easier for me to move quickly, by taking care of the time consuming things that go along with moving and closing on the house in 10 business days.

– ~M. Evans, San Jose, CA

Selling Your House Can Be A Quick And Simple Process

Chakra Home Buyers Uses Creative Financing to Purchase Houses When Situations Call For Other Options Besides a Cash Offer.

Let Me Explain.

  • First and foremost we provide ALL CASH OFFERS– that is what we find is usually the best OPTION for our customers.
  • We will discuss your situation, sometimes it is not possible for you to take a CASH OFFER. But you are still in need of selling your property. There are other options..
  • We will mention ways we could possibly help. We use a technique that is called CREATIVE FINANCING, which is typically a non-traditional way to purchase property. Not all companies provide this option.
  • If you qualify, there are also times where we can help you out of a FORECLOSURE by paying off your late payments and finding a way for you to stay in your house. (You have to Qualify for this option)
  • WE WILL FIND THE BEST SOLUTION FOR YOU– That is what we do, you will not be sorry you contacted us. See our reviews

Chakra Home Buyers buys houses in California
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